Pimax For Business

Pimax, as a global high-end VR headset manufacturer, has a unique 200-degree field of view and is close to the human eye. With its native 4K monocular resolution, 8KX could save the industry billions of dollars in testing and learning costs. Especially in flight simulation, medical, industrial manufacturing, such high precision and need to be repeatedly tested and learned on the project. Pimax provides a sense of breadth close to the eye’s field of view and details as detailed as the eye can see.


More than 16 megapixel dual native 4K ultra HD display, close to the eye’s 200-degree field of view Angle of 8KX, as seen, not missing any detail.

8K native resolution / 200 ° field of view / 90Hz refresh rate.



Up to 180Hz extreme refresh rate, not missing every second of the screen.

5K binocular resolution / 200 ° field of view / 180Hz refresh rate

Hand Tracking Module

The eye-tracking module is widely used in medical, educational, military, and industrial applications with its eye-movement interaction and eye-data analysis capabilities.

Eye Tracking Module

Gesture recognition module can be widely used in medical, education, design, military, industrial and other industries.


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