Training & Simulation

Get the best immersive training experience with professional VR headsets

Instead of complement traditional training solutions with a low-cost, immersive learning environment to reduce training costs by up to 90%.

Three-dimensional learning increases the speed of training, so that more students can become proficient in skills in a shorter period of time.

Effectively train for the most dangerous scenarios in a completely safe and immersive environment.

Optimize trainee engagement by offering scenarios that trainees want to engage in and repeat.

Though virtual reality to enhance the value of existing simulators with immersive visuals experience.



Pimax professional VR headset with native 8K resolution


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Contextual learning

Wearing the Pimax headset experiences the collision and handling process after the traffic accident from the first perspective of the driver. Compared with the boring text descriptions, questions and standard answers in the book, the VR experience like a personal experience will undoubtedly leave a deeper impression on the students. These scenario-based driving knowledge will help students make reasonable and correct judgments in unexpected traffic incidents in real -life.

Critical mission training

VR technology enables training to be carried out in a fully virtual environment. Not only will trainees handle errors without causing any losses, but also disaster scenarios such as plane crashes and explosions of dangerous goods caused by operational errors can be reproduced to warn trainees.

Improve training efficiency

VR training can subdivide training levels, reduce the use time of actual installation and high-end training equipment, and improve training efficiency. VR design can reduce the frequency of use of engineering prototypes or clay molds in the design process, not only saves costs and speeds up design iterations, but also brings real value.

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